The 40oz Band – we are outlaw!

So yesterday we made arrangements to have the drummer drive a regular pickup truck full of our gear to Bella Terra. He went over to pick up the truck, entering the house through the front door with a key, and he started down the driveway in the truck. 5 police cars pulled up because a neighbor had called the cops thinking it was a burglary and claimed someone had broken in through the window. After being handcuffed and thrown in the back of the cruiser, everything got straightened out and all our gear got safely to the gig. In fact, some of the cops have seen us play at Surf City Nights in downtown HB! As you know if you went to Bella Terra last night, we put on a great show and everyone had a lot of fun. We want to thank the Huntington Beach PD for responding quickly to ensure that everyone was safe, and for giving our drummer the benefit of the doubt even though he has a ridiculous mohawk. Notwithstanding, we still enjoyed playing “5-1-5-0” and “What Was I Thinkin'”, among other country songs that mention the police. Also, to the misguided, disturbed, or visually challenged individual who called the cops on our drummer mentioning a break-in through the window, thanks for trying to keep the neighborhood safe and providing a great story with a little extra excitement yesterday. Hope to see you all at our next gig, and with any luck nobody in the band with have a run-in with our law enforcement! Yee haw!!

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